Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year's Fun

We went back to school on Wednesday this week. The students were so excited to talk about all the fun stuff they did and received over the holidays. I used a great activity from this post from Fourth and Ten, "Find Somebody Who" to get them up and moving around and give them a chance to talk about their break. I also attempted to do the cute resolution kids, the kids are still working on them, and some decided they had to draw beards and mustaches on them. They should be picture ready by Monday.

We also used some of Fourth and Ten's Winter Multiplication Roll and Cover sheets as a class and the smartboard dice to review Factors. They are free and I love them! I'm actually attempting to make some of my own for use with 12 sided dice as my first Freebie on TPT. Look for them soon.

We also had 3 days of inside recess due to temperatures below 22 degrees in addition to poor air quality. We watched Magic School Bus episodes on Water and Weather to introduce our next Science Unit. I am always amazed at how much these 4th graders love the silliness, but are getting some decent information. They even asked to watch the same ones again on the next recess.

Up next week, we dive into Fractions and Weather. Some of the new core concepts for Fourth Grade Fractions are new to us, so I'm revamping and using our new Go Math Curriculum to create some new activities.

We are also working as a team to create Essential Concepts for 3rd Quarter in Reading and Language Arts. Most of our Basal Stories are Information Text, so I think we're going to focus a lot on those skills. In addition our Science Units will incorporate lots of non-fiction and vocabulary as well. I've found a lot of great ideas and will be sure to share what we do!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! {Even though I only have one follower :) }

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First Blog Post January Currently

I'm jumping right in to blogging with something I've loved while blog stalking the last few months. Oh' Boy 4th Grade's Currently:

More to come as I continue my Journey into Blogland....